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This is the page where you can find information on the stuff I want to eventually add to the site.

Well, you can obviously guess from the title that this is where you can learn about what I want to eventually get around to adding to the site. It will also include news about and info on what's new about the site in more detail.

April 24, 2001
Well, first thing I was obviously going to add was Gallery 5. I gotta make sure that I have enough pictures to put into the gallery. But I promise, I will MOST likely put it in.

I REALLY need to tell you this. I am starting to accept fan art starting today. If you have some fan art you want to send me, email me using the address on the opening page. Attach the desired art work and I'll put it on the site when I get enough.

If you want to give me fan art, its very easy, simply follow these instructions: obviously the picture, if you have a title and you want to include it put it on as well, a pseudo-name (a fake name if you don't know) or your real name, and your email address (if someone else wants to use your fan artwork on thier site, they can email you for permission). And that's it! I promise that I won't let anyone use your pictures without permission.

Also, I'm looking for someone who's good with Paint or PaintShop Pro. I have a picture of Vegeta in his original Saiya-jin armor and I want it in SSJ form. Simply add yellow hair and green eyes and send it back to me. I'll add it on the fan art page in your name. I simply want it because I think it looks cool (and I saw something simlar to it somewhere else). Email me if you can and I'll send the pic to you.