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Alrighty then! The new chat room that was promised is now here! But if you look below that, you will also see two more chats. Those are mine! That's right. I kind of jumped it and put in TWO new chats in addition to one I promised orginally! One is for the new "Mr. Satan Haters Club" (if you want to learn about that, go to the club's page on this site) and the other is a DBZ fighting chat. I am a chat room fighting fanetic and I don't like the way the other chat rooms don't let you fight. One thing I would like to note about the fighting chat. There is no booting in that chat but there are in the rest of them. Okay. Thanks for coming.

Dragon Ball 92085 Chat Room

Dragon Ball Z 2001 Chat

The Mr. Satan Haters Club Chat

DBZ Fighting Chat