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Here is where you'll find pictures of Goku, another one of my favorite (and main) characters on DBZ.

Goku (at diffrent ages).jpg

Goku with back turned.jpg

Goku and his SSJ forms.jpg

Goku firing a Kame Hame Ha.jpg

Goku Celebrating.jpg

Goku (In Fighting Stance).gif

Super Saiya-jin Goku (standing).gif

Young Goku Smiling.gif

Angel Goku.jpg

Young Goku Puzzled.jpg

Young Goku.jpg

Goku (Beaten But Still Fighting).gif

Diffrent Gokus.jpg

Goku And Raditz Getting Killed.jpg

Super Saiya-Jin Goku 3 And 4.jpg

Super Saiya-Jin Goku Beaten.jpg

SSJ 3 Goku and ShenRon.jpg

Goku In A White Gi.jpg