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Originally, this URL was used to house a message board. Later on, I annexed the site's URL to use for the creation of this site. This is the message board that used to be here. It wasn't very popular then but now that I actually have some content around here to back it up (the old place was just the message board and nothing else), I might see an improvment. Have fun!
P.S.-You need a EZBoard account to post here. This is an EZBoard so if you don't like them, you might not want to post. However, I encourage you to post because I intend to expand the board depending on how many people come. If there's something missing that you want to see, just keep coming and I'll put in a Suggestion Box later and you can drop it by me (or simply contact me directly, email's on the homepage). I won't expand unless I get some substantial business so please help make it a success.

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