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These are links that I lend my inspiration to creating this site and sprite comics in general.

GameFAQs (I promote this site here and if you want more comics, go here cause a lot of comic developers hang out on the Sonic Social board.)

Here's a direct link to the GameFAQs Sonic Social board.

Psyguy's "That's My Sonic!" (The ultimate in sprite comics and my only source for my sprites.)

Spike And Shortly (I owe these guys for a sprite. On the sheet I used for the Super Sonic version of myself had a message for me to link them. So I did. Please visit them because I owe them for their uber cool Super Sonic sprite.)

The following links are links to other comic developers (outside of Psyguy).

Javs' site (A developer and the home of the Saiyan Shadow beating series, a really funny comic series)

TapamN's Site (another comic developer and host)

Indilee's Site (a REALLY popular member of the Sonic Social and a comic developer/host)

Squeeks site (home of the Final Fantasy Sonic series)

GameFreakForever's Site (A new site so there isn't too much there right now. But he linked me and he's a comic developer too so he made it in)

X789Pac's site (Another comic developer. I've only been to his site a few times. I like it and he's a friend besides)

drnemesis' site (A comic developer (what did you expect at this point?!) he is also the head of the webring at this site's homepage)

T2's site (A comic developer and a really popular site besides)